Can Golden Retrievers Live in a Tiny House?


This is a great question for tiny house owners who prefer large dog breeds like golden retrievers. But before you adopt or buy a golden retriever, will he or she fit in your tiny house? Let’s see.

Yes, Golden Retrievers can live comfortably in a tiny house. However, Goldens are active dogs, and you’ll need to provide enough playtime in the yard where they can run and fetch. You’ll also need to walk them frequently or take them to doggy daycare.

Living in a tiny house is a major trend, with people choosing to downsize and live a minimalist lifestyle. However, when planning to bring a new pet home, like a dog, in your tiny house, you want to make sure your pet is comfortable.

Things to Consider Before Bringing a Golden Retriever to a Tiny House

If you’re a dog enthusiast, the one thing that you already know about these adorable fur balls is that they love their space. Therefore, you’ll need to respect your pooch and make sure that the 200 or 300-square-foot living area has space for your furry family member.

The following are things to consider before bringing a large dog, like a Golden Retriever, to a tiny house:

The Size of the Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a large dog breed and can grow to 24 inches in height and weigh close to 75 lbs by adulthood.

A golden retriever is a large dog, so it will take up extra room in your tiny house, where every square foot counts.

One thing is for certain, a golden retriever will seem much bigger in your tiny house, and you, as the owner, will be aware of its size.

You will need to create a space for the golden retriever’s sleeping area as well as a feeding space.

These doggies love spending time with their family and will follow you around the house, stay under your feet, and cuddle up next to you on the couch.

The Golden Retrievers’ Energy and Attention Needs

Golden retrievers are considered high-energy dogs and get frustrated when they stay indoors for long hours inside a tiny house.

A frustrated golden retriever barks a lot and might develop other bad behaviors if you don’t meet its daily energy and attention needs.

However, every dog has its own individual traits, and your goldie might be a lazy potato who is fine lying on the couch all day.

The Level of Shedding

Golden retrievers have long, dense fur and therefore shed a lot. The hair and fur can quickly build up and become an issue in a small living space like a tiny house.

Your couch, table, carpet, and clothing can get covered in dog fur, which can be difficult to clean off.

The Noise Levels

When living in a confined space, like a tiny house, too much barking from a large dog like a golden retriever can be unbearable. The good thing is, golden retrievers don’t bark a lot, and if they do, then something is causing it.

For example, a golden retriever can bark a lot if he’s not getting enough attention or when he’s not comfortable in a small living space.

What You’ll Need to Live Comfortably with a Golden Retriever in a Tiny House

You must train your dog to live comfortably in a tiny house, give it a large enough space, find a spacious parking spot for your tiny house, and exercise regularly.

Train Your Dog

The most relevant training for your dog when living in a tiny house is potty training, especially if you have a Golden Retriever puppy. You’ll need to set aside the toilet area for your dog, preferably in the bathroom.

Be vigilant to avoid those one-off days when your dog can’t hold it.

With time, you’ll only need to take your dog outside. Create a routine for going outside at specific times, like early in the morning, a few times during the day, and right before bedtime. This way, you will train your dog to go to the bathroom at specific times.

As time goes on, you can consider creating a space where your dog can freely go in and out of the tiny house.

Give Your Golden Retriever Dog Enough Space

When living in a tiny house with a golden retriever, you must give the dog its own space, set aside a feeding area, and get a large couch for sleeping and cuddling.

Every inch counts when living in a tiny house, but you’ll need to make sure that your goldie is comfortable.

The first thing that you must do is give your dog its own space. Even before your dog establishes its own place, you’ll need to set aside an area that will be his/her territory. This place should have either a sizeable crate or a place where you can lay quality pillows and rags for sleeping on.

Depending on the size of your family and the size of your tiny house, you’ll need to get a medium or large couch. Dogs love sleeping or cuddling next to you on the couch. So, you’ll need to make sure that the couch has enough space for the dog with everyone sitting.

You’ll also need to set aside a feeding area for your golden retriever’s food and water bowls. 

You’ll Need a Big Parking Spot for Your Tiny House

When living in a tiny house, many people prefer a parking spot with a big space and yard. Not only will you build a large deck to open up the house, but you will have additional space where your dog can play and relax.

A big yard is important if you have or plan to get a golden retriever as a pet.

With a big yard, your goldie is guaranteed enough space to exercise over the course of the day. Don’t leave the dog to its own devices when playing in the yard. Get in there and interact with your furry friend, playing fetch, tug, and running.

Ideally, the yard should be fenced off to keep your goldie from running away or chasing other animals.

A big parking spot or yard is also important because that’s where your pooch will go to the bathroom. Having a litter box for a big golden retriever is not ideal in a tiny house. But all you’ll need is to take your furry friend out three times a day, and you won’t have an issue.

Find Enough Time to Exercise Your Golden Retriever

We stated earlier that golden retrievers are high-energy dogs, and if you’re planning on getting one, then prepare for daily exercises.

Do golden retrievers need a lot of exercise? Yes, golden retrievers are active dogs with plenty of energy and need a lot of exercise. Like playing fetch, swimming, hiking, running, walking, and training.

Golden retrievers are intelligent dog breeds and can play various sports like fetch, field trials, tug-of-war, hide-the-treat, and dog frisbee.

How long do golden retrievers need to exercise? Golden retrievers need about two hours of exercise every day. The best strategy is to spread the exercises across the day instead of playing nonstop.

This is the reason you need to find a spacious parking spot for your tiny house. If you don’t, your dog will become bored, leading to destructive habits like chewing. A frustrated golden retriever with plenty of pent-up energy can really mess up your tiny house.

Can You Keep Up with Your Golden Retriever?

Even if you have a big yard and enough time to exercise with your dog, can you keep up with his/her energy?

Two hours of daily exercise that your golden retriever needs might seem easy on paper, but it’s very difficult if you’re not fit enough.

You need to have high energy levels for the relationship between you and your goldie to work.

However, if you have kids, you and your child should take turns exercising the dog.

Exercising a golden retriever should be a family affair because it creates an opportunity for everyone to bond with the pet dog.

Don’t make the mistake of denying your dog its daily exercise. It’s okay to miss a day, but don’t make it a habit, or he might develop destructive habits.

You can hire a dog walker if you don’t have the time and your child is too young to play with a large dog alone.

Are You Prepared to Deal with the Mess?

Golden retrievers have long hair and are double-coated, and they shed a lot.

Living in a tiny house with a large dog like a golden retriever means you’ll find hair on your couch, carpet, and even in the kitchen. But regular brushing and grooming at least twice a week will solve the problem.

During playtime, your dog might storm inside your tiny house and leave muddy paws all over.

All dogs shake off the water right after taking a bath, and if you don’t dry him properly, he’ll do that in your living space, creating a real mess.

Also, golden retrievers, just like other dogs, have their stinky days. The smell can be too much, especially when living in a small space. So, grooming your pooch is important, but remember not to do it often, or you might strip your dog of its natural oils.

Prepare yourself to deal with the mess and stay vigilant to avoid a real mess. Remember to clean your house often, and you won’t have an issue with your long-haired, four-legged friend.

Final Thoughts

A golden retriever is a great family dog, and there’s no reason not to live comfortably in a tiny house with such an adorable and fun-loving fur ball.

All you need to do is give the pooch his or her much-desired space and plenty of exercise. Remember to keep your house squeaky clean when your dog creates a mess, and you’ll have an awesome family companion for years.

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