Why Are Golden Retrievers So Popular?


What is it about golden retrievers that makes them so popular? Many celebrities prefer them as pets and this dog breed has made it to the White House, twice.

Golden retrievers are so popular because they’re great with kids, easy to train, intelligent, and obedient. They make excellent guards and watchdogs, always show love, get along with other pets, and are adaptable. They also love exercising, are well-mannered, beautiful, and live long lives.

Read on for a detailed look at why golden retrievers are so popular.

Golden Retrievers are Great Pets for Kids

You can’t go wrong with a golden retriever as your family dog. They are fun-loving dogs that get along with children of all ages.

Golden retrievers are energetic and playful dogs that make great playmates for children. You’ll be surprised how ready golden retrievers are to play, it’s like having a puppy in the house.

In addition, these pet dogs are non-aggressive and have soft mouths. These two are probably the main reasons golden retrievers are popular for families with children.

Having a soft mouth means that your kids, regardless of how small or young they are, won’t be bitten even if they accidentally put their hands in the doggy’s mouth.

Golden retrievers are gentle with small children and babies, even with kids with special needs. Being an intelligent dog, it knows how to behave and interact with different people. A golden retriever will not react angrily even when a child pulls his/her hair or ears but give you a pitiful “help me!” look for you to intervene.

Golden Retrievers are Easy to Train

Golden retrievers are among the highest-ranking dogs when it comes to trainability and obeying commands. These dogs are easy to train because they are smart, willing learners, and always ready to impress their owners.

Golden retrievers take to training pretty well because it stimulates their brain and keeps them occupied. When training a golden retriever, you’ll use fewer repetitions to make training interesting and fun.

They are Highly Intelligent Dogs

Golden retrievers are highly intelligent dogs, and you’ll see this every day when playing or interacting with your furry friend. They love showing off with tricks and enjoy playing fetch to showcase their retrieving skills.

Having an intelligent dog in a home with kids presents an opportunity to do a lot of new and fun activities.

When playing with a golden retriever in the house, you and your child(ren) should try coming up with new games and tricks because it challenges their brain. Your dog will not only enjoy playtime with you and your kid(s), but will also learn and experience new things.

It’s a good idea to walk your golden retriever on a different route each day. This presents an opportunity to learn new paths, explore new surroundings, pick up new scents, and meet other friendly dogs and pets.

Walking with a golden retriever creates an opportunity for the entire family to bond with their four-legged friend. You’ll have great fun exploring, playing, running, and doing plenty more activities together and creating great lasting memories.

Also, a golden retriever’s intelligence is evident when performing different roles, like acting as a guard dog, service dog, rescue dog, or sniffer dog. A golden retriever excels at these roles, especially ones that require high levels of intelligence.

Golden Retrievers are Obedient

A golden retriever’s life is dedicated to pleasing its owner, and obedience is one attribute that you’ll love about these gentle giants.

The only thing that you’ll have to do is train your dog from an early age. As the dog grows, he will always respond positively to your commands.

At times, it’s best to test your dog’s obedience. For example, you can allow your mature golden retriever to wander freely in the park or on the beach. Your dog will keep checking in on you to show you that he’s still around.

Golden Retrievers and Make Excellent Guards or Watchdogs

These dogs are known for their loyalty to their owners. A golden retriever knows everyone in the family and creates a strong bond that is beneficial for all.

You can be sure of your grown child’s safety when he takes a golden retriever out for a walk. Why? A golden retriever is intelligent and will bark at strangers who it senses are up to no good.

There are many stories on the internet about golden retrievers stopping attacks or saving their owners. This shows how loyal they are.

You’ll also notice how loyal a Golden Retriever is from its attentiveness. A golden retriever will bond closely with all members of the family and, without coming off as needy, follow you around.

A Golden Retriever Always Shows Love

If you’re looking for a dog that will love every member of the family, then you should definitely get a golden retriever. Your dog will always find ways to show love, and children appreciate it.

For example, your child will be excited when the dog barks and greets them at the door after coming home from school. Even when you or your child is sad, your furry golden retriever steps in to cheer you up.

Your golden retriever will also show love to everyone it meets. The reason why Goldens always show love is down to their easy-going personality.

Do Golden Retrievers get along with other family pets?

Yes, golden retrievers are friendly, playful, and intelligent, and get along with other pets into your home. Golden retrievers are always ready to please and respond well when training them to get along with other pets. These dogs get along with other pets and even protect and play with them.

Do golden retrievers get along with cats?

Yes, golden retrievers have a calm nature and get along well with cats. However, the cat also has to be friendly for the relationship to work. It doesn’t matter whether the pet is big or small; a golden retriever will not have a problem with your newly acquired family member.

Golden Retrievers are Highly Adaptable

A golden retriever can live in any environment, even in an apartment or a tiny home. Just give him or her their own ample space, and you’ll have an awesome companion at home. They love staying indoors and enjoying the outdoors on a warm, sunny day.

They’ll Help You Get Some Exercise

Having a Golden Retriever as a pet means that you’ll spend over an hour a day going for a walk. These dogs need their daily exercise and shouldn’t spend an entire day at home doing nothing.

They are sporty companions, and all you or your little one should try to do is keep up with your pet because a golden retriever can walk, hike, or play for hours.

Golden retrievers are sturdy and agile dogs with balanced bodies, which is why they make great hunters.

Goldens are full of energy and love the outdoors. Your dog will get you exercising, which is a win-win situation. Some popular games to play with your golden retriever include fetch, tug-of-war, dog frisbee, and hide and seek.

However, having a golden retriever means you must meet its daily exercise needs. If not, your gentle pooch will develop destructive behaviors even as a puppy.

Since Golden Retrievers love the water, it’s a good idea to look for swimming pools that allow dogs and their owners.

Also, don’t deny your Golden the opportunity to swim when out for a walk or a hike; he’ll appreciate it. Just make sure that the water is clean, or he might roll in a pool of mud or dirty water and start smelling bad.

Golden Retrievers are Well-Mannered

With proper training, a golden retriever will never let you down in front of your family, friends, or anyone else for that matter. They are smart and know how to behave around people, making them great everyday companions.

One thing that you’ll notice is that golden retrievers don’t bark a lot and only do so when there’s a good reason.

For example, a golden retriever will bark when an unfamiliar person is approaching you or when there’s someone at the door. This is not an aggressive bark, but to let you know that someone is approaching.

Golden Retrievers are Beautiful

People choose pets for different reasons, but good looks are what most people opt for. A golden retriever will not let you down in the looks department because it’s absolutely beautiful.

Its brilliant, long, golden, striking fur, coupled with its sturdy stature, make a golden retriever one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. All you have to do is regularly groom your pooch, and he will turn heads wherever you go.

Golden Retrievers Live Long Lives

When you bring a pet home in a family with kids, you’ll want a pet that will be around for the good part of your children’s lives.

A Golden Retriever can live up to 12 years, which means that he or she can make a great companion for grown kids until they become young adults.

Final Thoughts

Golden retrievers tick all the boxes as great animal companions, even for a family with children of all ages. They make amazing furry family members, and you should definitely get a golden retriever if you are looking for the ideal pet dog.

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