Are Standard Poodles Good Pets for a Family with Kids?


The standard poodle has been touted as one of the best dog breeds for families with kids for a long time. Is this all talk, or are there facts and reasons to back this claim? Let’s find out.

Yes, standard poodles are good pets, but they are ideal for a family with grown children. Standard poodles are smart and easy-to-train dogs. They are playful and hardy, and they make excellent playmates with kids. They are calm and polite, but they are hypersensitive, so any interaction with small children must be overseen by an adult because they’ll need time to unwind.

These doggies are good pets for kids for many reasons, and it’s no wonder they’re so popular. A standard poodle is not your regular furry friend; it has what it takes to instill positive qualities in your child.

For example, a standard poodle is known to engage positively with kids, build confidence, and play the role of an awesome family pet to perfection.

The following are the reasons standard poodles make great pets for families with kids:

Standard Poodles are Trainable

The standard poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world. This is not the type of dog that will sit all day sleeping in the house or in the backyard.

This dog has a sharp mind and is always eager to learn something new. Standard poodles are fast learners and respond quickly to positive training methods.

A standard poodle will understand and learn any new command that you throw at it in less than five repetitions. This works perfectly when teaching a new trick or training your dog for agility.

To keep your poodle happy, you should think beyond the basic obedience classes because they are not challenging enough. Advanced obedience classes are where standard poodles thrive because they have the brainpower to handle everything.

Your child can play a wide variety of mentally stimulating games with their dog. Mentally challenging games such as hide-and-seek or fetching different toys work like a charm when a child is interacting with a standard poodle. Also, interactive puzzle games stimulate a standard poodle’s mind so your dog doesn’t get bored easily.

A fully grown standard poodle is a medium to large-sized dog and can weigh up to 70 pounds for males and 60 pounds for females. Many small kids struggle walking such a sizeable dog, but not a standard poodle. 

A standard poodle is smart enough to have self-control and take it easy on a child. Therefore, if you’re looking for a larger dog that your child can take to the park or out for a walk, a standard poodle is your best bet.

Standard Poodles are Sensitive and Smart

Trainability is one of the attributes that you should look for in a family dog, and as we have seen, standard poodles are highly trainable.

How about sensitivity? Is it something that you should check when looking for the best family dog?

A highly sensitive dog knows everything that’s going on around them. A sensitive dog can pick up information from you, your child, and other family members to know how to react.

A standard poodle can understand the mood of your child and know whether he or she is in a playful mood or not. They can also detect the overall mood of the household to fit seamlessly into everyone’s lives.

It’s no surprise that standard poodles make excellent service dogs and even offer emotional support for your child. A grown child who’s thoughtful and intelligent will have a great animal companion in a standard poodle. These dogs can even help build up the confidence of shy and laid-back children, something that cannot be said of other dog breeds.

Worrying About Cleanliness? Standard Poodles are Clean Dogs

Cleanliness is one of the aspects that you have to look at when looking for the ideal pet dog for your child.

Nobody wants a heavily shedding dog, especially when you have small children in the house. On top of the fur spreading all over the house and creating a mess, a shedding dog can cause allergies in kids and adults alike.

Luckily, heavy shedding is something that you’ll never have to deal with if you pick a standard poodle as your family pet dog.

Standard poodles have lush curly coats, but like all other animals, they shed naturally or during grooming. These dogs are low-shedding, meaning that the amount of dropped fur that you’ll have to deal with is negligible. A standard poodle will not shed enough to cause an allergy in your child.

But won’t such a large dog create a mess in my house? True, large dogs can be clumsy, but standard poodles are aware of the environment they live in. They are light on their feet and won’t go knocking over items in your house.

But you should pay close attention to your standard poodle to prevent it from becoming too needy or developing destructive behaviors.

A Standard Poodle is a Social Dog

Standard poodles have controlled and sensible protective instincts, making them great watchdogs for your little one. A standard poodle will never lash out at other kids because they see them as threats to your child. 

They are not aggressive, but they’re smart enough to know when something isn’t right. Even when playing in the park, the dog will demonstrate a preference for your child but will get along with others.

Does a standard poodle get along with other house pets?

Yes, a standard poodle is a social dog and gets along with other house pets. It doesn’t matter whether you’re introducing more pets or you already have them in the house; your dog will get along with all of them.

 With that said, it also depends on the temperament and how social the other animal is. It’s also a good idea to socialize the pets at an early age to avoid any sort of conflict.

What Your Child Should Know Before You Bring a Standard Poodle Home

Before you bring a standard poodle puppy home, it’s best to let your child know the expectations for caring for your new furry friend. You need to make sure that your little one knows how to interact with the animal.

Your child should never perceive the dog as a toy that they only pick up when ready to play. They need to chip in when caring for the dog. For example, grown kids can help with grooming, brushing, feeding, and taking the dog out for a walk.

As always, you as the parent need to supervise any interaction between your child and the pet to ensure there’s mutual respect. Your child should also stay true to your rules and schedule to avoid any issues.

Challenges Involved with Owning a Standard Poodle as a Family Pet

Standard Poodles are Not Low Maintenance Pets

A standard poodle is not a low-maintenance pet. The dog needs regular brushing, at least 2 to 3 times a week, to keep your curly-haired pet looking its best. Professional grooming every 3 to 6 weeks is recommended for adult standard poodles. 

You should also give your pooch a trim once every 4 to 8 weeks, or according to your taste. Don’t forget to clip the nails every 4 to 6 weeks.

Standard Poodles Need Plenty of Daily Exercises

These dogs are energetic, and depending on the one that you get, its energy levels can either be moderately high or high.

How much walking exercise should standard poodles get? 

The primary rule when walking a standard poodle is 5 minutes per month of age, twice a day. For example, if you have a 3-month-old standard poodle puppy, you would be looking at two 15-minute walks per day, rising to 30-minute walks when 8 months old.

What are some of the best exercises for a standard poodle?

On top of the standard walks, a standard poodle enjoys jogging, swimming, and intense play sessions in the backyard. These dogs need as much playtime as they can get to stay happy, relaxed, and calm indoors.

Standard Poodles Need Daily Companionship

A standard poodle is not a dog that you can leave in the house all day because it can cause relationship constraints in the house. Standard poodles can develop neediness. A needy poodle becomes attached to only one person in the family and shuns the rest. It’s bad behavior that shouldn’t be given room to develop, and you can read more about it here.

Remember not to startle your dog or make sudden, loud sounds when it’s sleeping. This can make your dog extremely sensitive and will not make him a great companion for your children. 

Also, a standard poodle likes a nice and tranquil environment to thrive, so make sure that your house doesn’t have too much conflict.

Where Can You Get a Standard Poodle?

You can adopt an adult standard poodle from a rescue group or animal shelter near you. Buying an adult is the way to go if you’ve never dealt with this breed before because you’ll get a mature dog that doesn’t have any negative traits. You can also buy a puppy from an authorized breeder and raise and train it according to your standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do standard poodles bark a lot?

Being alert dogs, standard poodles will not hold back from raising an alarm at every new sound or sight. You have to be vigilant because barking can quickly turn into negative behavior, so be quick to stop it. Also, barking can arise as a result of a neglected dog, so make sure that the dog gets its daily companionship.

How long do standard poodles live?

Standard poodles can live up to 15 years. Let your child know that having one in your home is a long-term family commitment because the new furry member of the family will be around for a long time.

When is the right time to housetrain a standard poodle?

House training a standard poodle should commence as early as possible because the older it is, the longer it will take. Standard poodles are smart dogs and will stick to set schedules for going outdoors or give you cues when it's time to go.

 Final Thoughts

A standard poodle is a favorite pet dog for many families, especially ones with grown kids. They are fun, interactive, and outstanding dogs that make great pets for grown kids. Keep in mind that an adult should be present during any interaction with a young child.

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