Gypsy moth infestation deterring some visitors at Toronto parks

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A species of invasive moth caterpillars is stripping trees bare and raining down feces from the canopy across much of southern Ontario and Quebec, amid a record outbreak. Here's why their population has exploded and what can be done about them. The moths are known as the LDD moth because of their scientific name Lymantria dispar dispar. LDD moth is the name preferred by Ontario's invading species program, which says its original common name of gypsy moth is derived from a culturally offensive slur. The caterpillars grow up to six centimetres long. They're hairy and can be identified by the five pairs of blue dots and six pairs of red dots on their backs. The adult male moths are brown and fly around. The adult females are larger, white and can't fly. They're native to Europe and Asia, but were introduced to the U.

Aromatic plant Chong has a PhD in chemistry, specializing in making insect pheromones, which is a sex attractant. Rosemary Chong sorts lures she created to ambush male gypsy moths. She created lures, a rubber band soaked with an artificial version of the female gypsy moth pheromone. Chong recommends putting the rubber band in a plastic backbone filled with soap and water. The male moths will fly into the trap, and will eventually drown.

Marie, said last year was the most awful gypsy moth infestation Ontario has always seen. Dutkiewicz recommends looking for the egg masses on trees and scraping them off with something such at the same time as a butter knife. You can accept up a bio-pesticide spray called BTK at a local garden centre before hardware store, Dutkiewicz recommended. Wrapping a burlap band at chest-level around the tree will attract caterpillars looking designed for shade.

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