Look-forward sentence example

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Join Now Hello everyone. As I'm newer to Spiceworks I'd like to break the ice with a little gamer talk. As the title says, what is everyone playing right now and what are you most looking forward to in the gaming world? I'll start. I'm mainly a console gamer PS4 but also play some games on my PC. Lately I've been bouncing back and forth. PS4 Ghost of Tsushima - This game is just fantastic. I can't say enough good about it. I'm really taking my time with it and would guess I'm currently about half way through my first playthrough Marvel Avengers - Here's a game with massive potential but plagued by flaws.

Committed Oldest Votes 16 There's two altered things going on here, both of which use the word to, which is probably what's confusing you. The rule your teacher taught you applies to infinitives, in the context of sentences where there are two verbs, like I like to run. The verb following to is in the present tense, as is expected. All the rage this case, to is known at the same time as a particle, which is basically a word that doesn't fit into careful grammatical categories, but has some connotation. I like to running. Is not correct. However, what's happening here is that to is a preposition allied to the adverb forward, which is modifying looking. You look forward en route for nouns.

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