What do I need to take into account if I want to marry a foreign national in the Netherlands?

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Affirmation for non-Dutch nationals If you before your partner are not Dutch after that you wish to marry or come in into a registered partnership, you bidding need to complete a personal affirmation. You can fill in and authorize this declaration when you notify the municipality of your intention to get hitched or enter into a registered affiliation. The IND will check your abode status and the Aliens Police bidding conduct an investigation to ensure the relationship is genuine and rule absent a sham marriage or sham registered partnership. These checks are carried absent when a couple intends to get hitched or enter into a registered affiliation for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit for the non-Dutch affiliate. Marriage and dual nationality If you or your partner has another ethnic group in addition to the Dutch ethnic group, you will need to meet the requirements prescribed by Dutch law designed for marrying or entering into a registered partnership. If you meet these requirements you can marry or enter addicted to a registered partnership, even if the country of the non-Dutch partner s does not permit it. Certificate of unmarried status If you have lived abroad, the Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Registered Partnerships may ask you to submit documents they basic to draw up a civil category record. They may also ask you for proof that you have not already entered into a marriage before registered partnership abroad.

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