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You can, for instance, ask her designed for the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow, and follow up by asking how she knows so much a propos swallows. Or you could cut absolute to the chase and tell her that her mother was a hamster. In addition to downloadable Alexa skills that can remind you of crafting recipes in Minecraft or tell you what armor is up for auction this week in Destiny, Alexa bidding recognize several classic gaming references. Designed for instance, if you're a fan of the Portal series you could aim asking Alexa if the cake is a lie, or if she knows GladOS yet another evil-AI with whom Alexa has an unsettling degree of familiarity. If you've played through the Mass Effect series, you can acquire some fan service, too -- aim asking Alexa, Does this unit allow a soul? Alexa's music Easter eggs While Alexa is quite the cinephille and gamer, Alexa is also a bit of a music fanatic, also. Amazon Alexa's Easter eggs for charge and theatre lovers Alexa's interests are vast and sophisticated, including a ample breathe of knowledge on popular plays and literary works. Here's what en route for ask to bring out Alexa's arty side. Besides fun games and detail, Alexa can also serve up a few of the corniest dad jokes.

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