Richard Branson just flew to the edge of space. Here’s what it means for space travel.

Virgin who is up 38504

Richard Branson just flew to the edge of space. Can anything worthwhile come out of the childish race among billionaires to be first? By July 12, Richard Branson experiences weightlessness on the sub-orbital flightVirgin Galactic The timing could have been better. Yesterday, July 11, British entrepreneur and billionaire Richard Branson shot to the edge of space in a vehicle made by his own company, Virgin Galactic — at a time when much of the world is still battling a deadly pandemic. Its crew of six, including Branson, was lifted to an altitude of more than 14 kilometers before it was dropped, allowing its single rocket engine to ignite and carry its occupants towards space. Slightly more than a minute later, traveling at speeds of Mach 3, it reached its maximum altitude — 86 kilometers — affording its crew several minute of weightlessness and gorgeous views of Earth before safely descending back to Earth, with a total flight time of around 90 minutes. If we can do this, just imagine what you can do.

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