Why women lose the dating game

Well groomed lady looking 55783

What is it that draws a woman towards a man? What is that women really want? We know you've always wanted to know what it takes to impress the woman you like. Well, turns out, it's not as difficult as it seems. While every woman has a different choice when it comes to men, it won't be wrong to say these 10 qualities are the one every woman in the world gets attracted to in a man. Mystery attracts a woman to a man like moths to flame. They always want to believe there are a million stories he hides from the rest of the world.

Naomi sat in the back row of Melbourne's Grattan Institute, about to attend to her fiance give a lecture. She was joined by three unfamiliar women - all attractive, well groomed, all the rage their mids. From their whispered chinwag, she quickly realised they weren't around to hear about politics and finance but to meet her eligible be in charge of. Naomi explains: ''He's 36 years aged and is definitely someone who falls into the alpha-male category: excellent activity in finance, PhD, high income, six feet two, sporty and very abundant. And he's an utter sweetheart. Naomi is an attractive year-old PhD apprentice. She has been in a affiliation with her fiance for six years.

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