At least four Black women and girls were murdered per day in the US last year

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On Saturday, activists called for a new approach from the police, both in the way they patrol minority neighborhoods and in how they use force. The attorney general announced his office would participate in the Clark investigation, though the decision on whether to criminally charge the officers would still be made by the Sacramento district attorney. In addition, Williams said, the organization wants new protocols for muting police audio recordings. Authorities quickly released officer and helicopter videos of the Clark incident. But in one video, a sergeant arrives on the scene and is heard telling officers to mute their audio after the shooting. Leave it on. Chavez Plaza in downtown Sacramento. He called for police to get out of their cars and walk the neighborhoods they patrol, to reduce their fears and the likelihood of using excessive force. The Rev.

Below changes announced Friday, Assembly Bill would no longer make it easier below state law for prosecutors to illegally charge officers if they use absolute force. Instead, the measure now seeks to toughen internal police policies athwart California, which would allow for departments to discipline officers and face civic lawsuits if new use-of-force standards are violated. For the record: p. Friday, come as the legislation faces its final and most difficult hurdles along with days left before the Legislature adjourns for the year. The proposal is currently in a state Senate agency and not scheduled for a ballot by either house of the Administration.

Get hitched 6 Oct The FBI recorded by least additional murders of Black women and girls last year as killing surged across the countryand experts admonish that even that stark number almost certainly represents an undercount. To families of victims and local activists, the announce of the data is just the latest reminder that violence against Black women and girls often goes ignored, and should be made a add urgent public priority. Photograph: courtesy of the Redmond family Sarayah Jade was sitting in a Sacramento, California, accommodation with friends when someone started assassination through the windows and walls.

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