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Sometimes it may seem as though you need a translator to understand what your teenager is talking about. With a new slang word seemingly invented every week; many parents find it difficult to keep up with the latest phrases and sayings. Put together by teenagers and parents, this dictionary of 'teenglish' complete with definitions should help break down the language barrier. Example: Definitely up for a Beverley Knight. Used to emphasise agreement with one's peers - Want to go to the bevvie shack? A deliberate misspelling and mispronunciation or the slang term Blates, meaning Blatantly. Another way for sayin hot box, fill a confined space with smoke form a splif, e. Actually it's Bredren - a deliberate mispronunciation of the word brethren, an archaic plural of brother. Means that something is horrible or disgusting.

The kids are simpin. It could be because no one really knows can you repeat that? the hell it means. You could find thousands of videos with the hashtag SimpNation, which has accumulated above CEO of shiny chins fyp foryou foryoupage simp. But another a lesser amount of infuriating type of video features adolescence poking fun at themselves for body simps. And teens, as they as a rule do, are making self-deprecating jokes after that TikToks about it. They have, a long time ago again, created a different definition of the word.

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