Cougar looking for 61770

For one, they're older women looking for younger men which means they're not trying to play games. They know what they want, they don't need you to provide for them and they're not looking to get married or have kids. Mature women want just a couple of things from their young cub. They want to spoil and take care of them and in exchange be made to feel young and sexy all over again. Lucky for us we live in a time that's made finding cougars or cubs easier than ever before. The relationship roles are often reserved for older established men going for younger women, but there is a wild world for cougars that deserves some credit.

Cougar Reproduction and Maturation Photo by Maurice Hornocker Cougars in Washington are able of breeding at any time of year, although birth pulses have been observed in January and August. As adult male cougars have large abode ranges that may overlap with those of several females, an adult manly may breed with several females all the rage any given year. Breeding males after that females spend only a short age together after which time they branch out, with the male playing no character in the rearing of young. Cougars become sexually mature at about 24 months of age. However, sexually adult cougars seldom breed until they allow established a home range. Cougars allow a gestation period of approximately 92 days. They will generally give beginning to between one and four kittens, although two or three is archetypal. Kittens also called cubs weigh a minute ago over a pound at birth. Kittens have blackish-brown spotted coats, which achieve as camouflage to help conceal them from other predators, including adult manly cougars.

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