What Airbnb really does to a neighbourhood

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Millions of people use Airbnb when travelling but its popularity sometimes puts it at odds with locals. So, how do short-term holiday lets really affect a neighbourhood? In the decade since it was launched, online home rental platform Airbnb has amassed millions of rooms worldwide. But it has also found itself entangled in disputes with authorities from Tokyo to Berlin to San Francisco. While Airbnb opens up some neighbourhoods to more tourists, it has sometimes proved unpopular with existing residents. Some fear property owners are switching from long-term tenancies to short-term rentals, which can be more lucrative. In Manhattan's Lower East Side, for example, one study found that full-time Airbnb listings earned, on average, two to three times the median long-term rent. New York City has been subject to a recent bill requiring online rental services to hand over host data, with the hope of cracking down on commercial operators.

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