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It launched the then-unknown Julia Roberts into superstardom and became a genuine phenomenon, grossing nearly half a billion dollars worldwide. But the film faced a difficult road fraught with casting trouble, studio changes, and total rewrites before it finally got made. He throws Vivian out of his car, along with the money he paid her for the weekend. Image via Buena Vista Pictures Wow. But when Disney stepped in as producers, dramatic changes were made to the script to turn it into a crowd-pleasing modern-day fairy tale. Julia Roberts auditioned twice Several actresses auditioned for the role of Vivian before Julia Roberts was cast. However, when the film changed hands and wound up at Disney, the higher-ups were pretty dead-set against having Roberts in the film.

But you don't like it, don't air. The Russian wedding traditions might advance to the outcome of these hilariously funny pictures, as the celebration involves indecent amounts of Vodka, foods, after that dancing that might last up await a week. Have you seen a Looney Listing that should be arrange this site? Submit it! Want en route for know more about Looney Listing? Appointment our about page. Weird photo as of Monks Kirby Photo Evidence Heya, I don't use reddit too often accordingly apologies if I set this ahead wrong, but I have this photograph from a weird graveyard in the UK- When I was younger, almost certainly like 10ish idk bad memory me, my mum, my sister and her friends went to a graveyard called Monks Kirby UK.

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