All I want is a good looking companion with no strings attached.

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Sometimes, it can be just sex. We give you five fabulous reasons why sometimes it's nice to not romp into bed for an eventual walk down the aisle: everything from the fun of it, all the way to actually discovering new things about whom else but yourself! Updated on Aug 16, PM IST Share Via Copy Link Hindustan Times By Sanya PanwarNew Delhi Although years of chauvinism have caused virtually everyone to believe that anyone namely a woman who engages in casual sex sex without commitment or true emotion is somewhat of a 'loose' character, those who've engaged in these liaisons know otherwise. Also read: Not putting any heart into it could end up cheapening the whole thing. But hey, perhaps both sexes don't have time for relationships: they're too busy or find it safer to keep their hearts loveless and engage in some carnal liberation. Everyone craves physical love every now and then

Is it possible to have no-strings femininity with an ex? After we bankrupt up, I moved away, but allow recently moved back home. My early and I have started chatting above social media and we ended ahead on a group night out all together thanks to some mutual acquaintances. At the outset of all, kudos on making the conscious decision to figure out your motivations before acting. The good gossip is that, for some people, femininity with an ex can be a positive experience, and a far bawl from the emotional turmoil-fuelled disaster so as to many handwringing and melodramatic sitcom storylines would have you believe. Now — and please note that I alleged for some people, not all ancestor — as with most good gossip, there are caveats. A recent analyse by Stephanie Spielmann of Wayne Affirm University and published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour showed that a good number people who had sex with an ex after a breakup did not feel distressed or depressed, nor did it hinder their recovery from the relationship. As it explored the feelings of those who had slept along with an ex, it inherently focuses arrange people who did not write bad sex with an ex as all the rage inconceivable or truly terrible idea not worthy of exploring.

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