What’s your opinion on “Pick Me Girls”?

Lady seeking a 1875

And why does it hurt women? This can come in many forms. From verbally identifying what makes her different from her peers in a demeaning wayto lowering her standards to a point of self-disrespect. All for hopefully, being named the chosen one by Men she seeks attention from. Any man…. Most women can recall a moment they are less-than-proud of, where they caught themselves attributing to misogyny. These women never fail to point out what they think is unacceptable social behavior by other women; yet, never give men the same kind of energy. Lori Alexander is the perfect example for this….

She likes beer and sports and execution with the guys. A variant of the pick-me girl has also be converted into the subject of a popular POV TikTok, in which comedians or actors portray relatable characters — like WASP moms or a random teacher advent into your classroom during a acid test — reacting to various scenarios. Designed for many viewers particularly womenher Chill Child is a frighteningly relatable character. Akin to, oh, there is this one person who acts this way, but I have no words for it. Akin to, am I going crazy? Am I just being rude or jealous? Can you repeat that? is going on?

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