Give Him the Best Orgasm of His Life: 6 Practical Tips From a Real Guy

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Speaking as a male, I can't think of anything that remotely equals the thrill of an orgasm. What's weird is that, for all the attention it receives, the male orgasm doesn't get talked about in much detail despite the fact that there can be a huge difference in intensity from one to the next. My guess is that the most women don't know this. With this information gap in mind, I set out to discover what, exactly, makes for the most bone-rattling, foundation-shaking male orgasms, and what women can do to encourage their arrival. I went straight to the experts — a few sex therapistslots of men. It was as if they the guys, at least were just waiting for someone to ask. So here, finally, is everything you need to know about helping your guy have stronger, longer orgasms. One warning before we begin: Be prepared for surprises, and for seeming contradictions.

It's not enough that men are before now having more orgasms than women. En route for make matters worse, a new analyse published in the Journal of Femininity Research found — aside from deriving pleasure from their own orgasms, apparently — men also derive a aspect sort of masculine pleasure from assembly female partners orgasm. The researchers all the rage the study, Sara Chadwick and Sari van Anders, refer to this absurdly predictable phenomenon as a masculinity accomplishment. The study gathered men to announce a story where they had en route for imagine an attractive woman either did or did not orgasm during femininity with them. Each man was after that asked to rate their sexual admiration and the extent to which they'd feel masculine after experiencing the circumstance. The results are what you'd expect: Men felt more masculine and felt high self esteem when they imagined a woman orgasmed during sex along with them. Let's be clear — there's nothing wrong with feeling good a propos making your partner feel good all the rage this case, orgasming. It's nice en route for bring pleasure to your partner! Although the researchers point out a bigot flaw in the masculinity boost affair.

Men's orgasms may never be as concentrated as the screaming, multiple orgasms so as to many women are capable of. Although that doesn't mean that they can't be better than average or constant earth—shattering, mind—blowing, toe—curling, etc. Just akin to with women, there are psychological, affecting and physical things that contribute en route for the quality of a man's orgasm. Every guy is, of course, altered, but here are 6 tips so as to will up the intensity that don't involve cough drops, donuts or before other bizarre gimmicks. Get to appreciate your partner and learn the tell—tale signs. Is there a twitch? A sudden stiffening?

According to seriously buzzed-about new research, men who are attractive, funny, confident, after that have money are also more apt to make you orgasm. Wait, what?! The study, published in the academic journal Evolutionary Psychologysuggests that random things akin to your partner's sense of humor, his family income, and his age could influence your O. They also advise that the width of his shoulders and the age when you at the outset had sex could play a character in your sexual satisfaction. Since these results seem kind of out around, we thought it might be a good idea to take another glance at the research to see but you should really base your boyfriend-search around this. For the study, researchers asked 54 female college students who were in exclusive, heterosexual relationships after that were engaging in P-in-V intercourse en route for take an online survey about their sex life, their feelings about their partner, and the physical and emotional traits of their partner. After the students completed the survey, researchers compiled the data to try to achieve out how these factors were allied. Plus, higher ratings of a guy's sense of humor were linked along with how frequently his partner had orgasms and how often they had femininity. The factors connected with intense orgasms included higher levels of orgasm incidence, the number of orgasms per bump into, sexual satisfaction with their man, affiliate attractiveness, and frequency of sex.

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