9 Plus Size Cuties Share Tips For Androgynous Style

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I know many of you are so close to the end of the school year, but here in NY, we are just starting our countdown! Today was all about creative juices Through the year I have a scrap bucket- it gets picked at, but never has it seen the LOVE it got today! At first it was a MAD DASH for the bits of gold, neon and other 'specialty' scraps, but that quickly faded and the real creating came into play! Look at some of these creations: Each were as unique as the next! As much as I would have LOVED to keep them and hang them, I never let them take projects home the day we create them, so I knew it was only fair to say 'and don't put them out in the hall- leave them at your seat because you are taking them home today! WHAT did she just say? I wanted them to share their art with their families for A is for Art Day!

In black and white By Sonny Oram Over the years we've gotten lots of qwearies a propos dressing androgynous for different body types. There is hardly any information absent there about dressing androgynous for a person who isn't skinny! This lack of representation is so damaging to ancestor who identify as androgynous but don't fit into the mainstream androgynous amount type. The current images are adult year white, female assigned at birth, along with a more masculine-leaning style, and we want to demonstrate that androgyny be able to take many different forms. Step-by-step we at Qwear are reclaiming androgyny designed for all bodies. We perused the internet for plus-size androgynous fashionistas to allocate some tips on achieving their air. I hope this provides some much-needed inspiration and tips to all you qwears! Marquis Neal Where do you get your clothes?

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