31 Girly Bar Drinks for Every Taste

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Not only does it have a gorgeous electric blue color, but the flavors of rum and coconut will remind you of sitting on the beach with a Hawaiian breeze ruffling your hair. This vibrant and flavorful drink isn't for anyone who'd rather blend in with the crowd. If you want the flavors but not the alcohol or you're the designated driver, you don't need to miss out on the fun of girly cocktails. Martini Glass Drinks for Uptown Girls Purists will tell you a martini is gin and vermouth, stirred or shaken, and served very cold in a martini glass with a twist or an olive. In recent years, however, the definition of martini has expanded to mean almost anything in a martini glass, and there's just something about sipping a chilled drink from a martini glass that feels oh so uptown. So while you're free to enjoy a classic gin martini if that's what you love, you have plenty of other options for cocktails in a martini glass. These sophisticated martini-style drinks are great for girls' night. Cosmopolitans Made famous by the Sex and the City gals, Cosmopolitan cocktails are the ultimate selection for ladies' night.

Cash in on Punch I was the rare adolescent who never really liked milk. Conceivably that's because no one told me you could add bourbon, vanilla dig out, and a few shakes of nutmeg to it. Caveat emptor: the lactose-heavy milk punch can quickly become a gut punch around, oh, drink four or so. Mint Julep Mint Juleps are undeniably delicious, an intoxicating assortment of bourbon, sugar, and mint atop a heaping pile of pebble frost. Then again, so does someone atrophied at 4 PM on a Monday, so go for it. Tom Collins Who was Tom Collins?

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