Should you ever have sex when you don't feel like it?

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What's the secret to a happy and long-lasting marriage for busy professionals and entrepreneurs? No different than anybody else. It's to learn to develop the kind of genuine love that does not seek to gain, but only to give. For starters, it doesn't say, I want to date this woman because the market valuation for her business is 5 million! It has no ulterior motives.

It is an uncomfortable read. Yet, the judicial system in the West has its own history where justice has been less than ideal and, all the rage some situations, miscarried and for a few people the cost of seeking acceptability, particularly in cases of alleged sexual misconduct or sexual assault are above what be usual, not just financially, but also the mental and emotional cost involved. This is particularly true where the parties to an allegation of sexual bad behaviour or assault are young people. At the same time as responsible adults we need to address to the young people in our lives about the importance of clued-up consent and we need to determine respectful relationships.

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