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Kalysta, occasional childcare in Okotoks My name is Kalysta I'm a 12 year old girl who is looking for a babysitting job I don't have my babysitting license but I do have experience with younger siblings and friends. I can work on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday on weekdays I can work from and on weekends I can work from 9am to pm and if that doesn't work for you I could change the time. I am looking for a position in order to save money for college, and am available to work as an occasional babysitter, or part time days per week. The only days I cannot work are Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I have my own transportation, so I am willing to do any picking up, dropping off, errand running, or taking the kids out for an adventure! I am eighteen years old, and the oldest child in my family, so my experience in childcare first began as an older s It has been a steady goal of mine to attend a post secondary school and become an elementary teacher. It is my passion of working with kids that has made this decision for me. I am young, energetic, optimistic, and caring.

All the rage the summer months, parents have the ideal opportunity to encourage their kids to do something special—and maybe constant a little different—this year. Start a book club and sharpen Here are some ideas to create fun after that memorable summer fun! Start a additional sports team and Put on a play or concert and enhance creativeness. Kids love to show off their talents. If you have an aspirant actor or musician in the ancestor, suggest she get together with erstwhile performer-friends to entertain families or neighbors. If your kids are musicians, they can choose their favorite selections before write their own songs. Help a neighbor and develop caring and accountable values. Many neighbors in your area would greatly appreciate some help about the house, in the yard, along with the shopping, walking pets, washing cars, or with errands. An hour before two a week allows your adolescent to be helpful and gives your neighbor some assistance and company.

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