Get a Little Closer: Moth Females Use Scent Proximity to Attract Mates

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December 22, Mick Kulikowski Female moths can use satellite strategies to attract mates. Photo courtesy of Jan van Arkel. For Immediate Release Coby Schal coby ncsu. The findings shed light on so-called satellite strategies used by animals to better their chances at finding mates. The research also showed that moths with attractive pheromones also benefitted when they were in close proximity to unattractive females, as discerning males chose them more frequently than if they were paired with another attractive female. NC State entomologist Coby Schal and NC State and University of Amsterdam colleagues wanted to learn more about the sexual signaling efforts used by moths, a diverse group of insects with well-identified sex pheromones. Using both lab wind-tunnel tests and tests on a research farm in Clayton, N. But when in close proximity to an attractive female, the unattractive females were able to attract a male about 17 percent of the time.

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