Internships: Getting Your Feet Wet

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Get your Green Check! Faculty, Staff, and Students must be vaccinated by November 1. Verify your status today. Learn about the multiple degree and certificate programs that can lead to an exciting and rewarding career on Wednesday, August 25,

Our residential communities are as diverse at the same time as the people who live in them. We offer everything from traditional halls, to multi-bedroom suites, and apartment-style active for every personality and budget. You can live with friends or assemble new ones and learn from those who are a few years ahead of time of you. We offer Living-Learning Communities as well as themed floors so as to allow you the opportunity to animate with people who share similar interests. Traditional housing helps you build a network across all fields to bear with you in your future calling. Each of our communities has their own personality and style to afford students with a comfortable living area for growing and learning while by UC. We also offer Gender-Inclusive Accommodation options for students to find a residence hall space that best meets their needs.

A few might consider this a Dry property. Butler University allows alcohol to be served and consumed on campus accurate and at University-sponsored events, but it does so with a whole congregation of guidelines and restrictions see acquaintance below. Above all, members of our community are expected to follow Indiana state law. Within the framework of state law, we seek to afford safe and healthy social interactions so as to contribute to a positive living-learning atmosphere. Student Conduct. Our Approach to Alcohol. Wet vs. Dry Campus. When ancestor say Butler is a Wet property, what does that really mean?

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