10 Honest Reasons Men Like Having Sex With Older Women

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Here are ten reasons so many younger men say having sex with older women is hot — all of which are excellent sex tips to try out in your own bedroom. It's a numbers game Age alone often indicates many more years of experience, possibly with multiple partners. Before marriage, they may have had a few partners.

Cougars seem to want what a able majority of men want: a denial strings attached hook-up, right? Not automatically. It actually depends on the circumstance. These cougars think like a be in charge of and are searching for the hottest-looking guy she can get. The erstwhile type of cougar puts up the facade of being on the chase, even though they are truly in quest of a strong connection, not an blank fling. But this is where a few of the most common cliches are proven to be true. Younger men like to please women, which draws the attention of older women at the same time as they crave human interaction.

Ancestor were horrified. They were absolutely horrified that older women should be having sex with younger men. These being, real-life cougars are stars like Demi Moore who, in her 40s, conjugal then-twenty-something heartthrob Ashton Kutcherthe coiffed reality-show cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and, yes, everyday women — suburbanites and city-slickers alike. A year-old woman going out with a year-old guy is considered creepy. Altogether scientific notions aside, older women choose for younger men for the alike reasons that older men select younger women. A whopping 34 percent of women over 40 are dating younger men, according to a survey. The same poll, which surveyed 3, definite people both women and men elderly 40 to 69 years old, bring into being that 56 percent are currently separated or divorced from a spouse, 31 percent have never been married, after that seven in 10 74 percent of formerly married singles in their 50s have been single for five years or more.

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