TOPS Louisville: March 2017

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Actual colors may vary from this printed representation. It is not going to be easy and we cannot do it on our own. The good news is GLI has a plan. We all know people who have moved away from our region and may have some desire to come home again. You know you want your family members and friends back, so why not help us recruit them? It is a single resource to help reinforce all the great things happening in this region that we talk about all the time. Instead of moving out of state, we are connecting them with local companies, proving you can build a vibrant career right here. There is no need to move to Chicago or New York to make your mark.

It was just after midnight on January 19, , when Confederate troops started towards the Union army camped adjacent the Kentucky hamlet of Logan's Angry Roads. Rain, sleet and fog filled the night, creating conditions so cheerless that a Union soldier later celebrated, If we had known It was always some comfort to the combatant on a night such as this to think that his enemy above there, was at least as aloof and wretched as he himself was. Kentucky was the gateway to the Confederacy's strongholds in the interior South, especially in Tennessee, and so be in charge of of the state would profoundly assume the outcome of the Civil Battle. It proved crucial to Union be in charge of of Kentucky and the interior South and shaped later developments in the war. Mill Springs was important designed for another reason: it revealed the absorbed divisions that existed throughout the abut states. The lesson was written as a result of William P. This lesson is individual in a series that brings the important stories of historic places addicted to the classrooms across the country.

The exhibit, which was open to the public at the Dyers Arts Center, ran from November 15, to February 27, This exhibit promoted the dazzle work of more than 30 Black Deaf Artists showcasing their artworks, as well as photography, video arts, paintings, sculptures, drawings, and more. The Dyer Arts Center hosted a two-day symposium on February 26 and 27, Glenn B. Anderson Scholarship. This honor bestowed to Dr. Anderson in recognition for his years of extraordinary leadership, advocacy, commitment en route for educational excellence, and unfailing dedication en route for the Black Community, the Deaf Area, and National Black Deaf Advocates.

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