A Monument to the Lives of Black Women and Girls

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I cannot pinpoint the exact moment I began to question the masculinity of African-American men as toxic. At one point I found myself constantly attempting to live up to the standards presumed from my Black male counterparts. Acceptance from my Black male friends was something that I sought out more than accepting my own self. It might be best to start this conversation with my experiences at 15 years old. I had just left the private school scene and was entering the public school environment that I had once inhabited. The sights, the rhetoric, the style of the students were drastically different from how I last remembered them.

Ape link to share with friends. Aid systems for aging Black women are disappearing when they're needed most. Karen Jennings had hit rock bottom. Four years after the market crash of , her life savings and investments were gone.

All the rage a new book, Miriam Zoll describes how the overhyping of new reproductive technologies has led to heartbreak after that childlessness for millions of couples. I am an official member of the Late Boomer Generation. This exodus as of the kitchen into the boardroom created a thrilling, radical shift in the economy, and in relations between the sexes. We are also the age band that came of age at a time of burgeoning reproductive technologies. We grew up reading dazzling front-page stories heralding the marvels of test-tube babies, frozen sperm, surrogates and egg donors; stories that helped paint the appearance that we could forget about our biological clocks and have a blissful family life after — not automatically before — our workplace promotions. All week, newsstands brimmed with stories a propos older celebrities becoming mothers with the help of miraculous fertility treatments. A few years ago, photographer Annie Leibovitz birthed her first child at the age of 52, while actress Geena Davis delivered at 48 and supermodel Christy Brinkley at More recently, we read about singers Mariah Carey after that Celine Dion delivering twins at 41 and 42, while actresses Courtney Cox and Marcia Cross became mothers by 43 and 45, respectively.

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