Swimming & Diving: Olentangy Braves’ Kuriger Peroni primed for more state success

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Olentangy swimmers Cameron Kuriger and Martina Peroni are no strangers to the chase. The two have been chasing each other for most of their lives. Kuriger Performances like that have become the standard for the duo, who are longtime friends and club teammates in addition to being key performers for the Braves girls team. I was super proud of what we both did, especially for Kuriger to get a state title. Back for their senior seasons, Kuriger and Peroni are hoping to chase more championships. Peroni, who recently signed with Duke, won a state title in the individual medley last season in a meet-record

Anniversary lights decorated the packed stands after that North Penn was its normal December self, getting its season off en route for a tremendous start with victories above St. Kev Hunter, MediaNews. Madeline Faikish won the free for the Knights, Stressman took the IM and ago, and Raser was first in the fly and free. North Penn huddles after its wins over St.

Although C. The two teams will barter venues and opponents for Saturday afternoon's games. Meanwhile, their male counterparts bidding open their campaigns at home Friday night at 7. The Rustlers bidding entertain the Wolfpack, while the defending state runner up Bison hosts the Braves. The Bison boys will allow their eye on the prize — a return trip to the affirm title game, after narrowly missing the big hardware thanks to a blocked-up shot as Billings Skyview came absent with a win. The Bison girls, on the other hand, dropped their opening game at the Pacific Brace and Recycling Arena to Missoula Hellgate, then rebounded to stay alive as a result of ousting Sentinel before falling by two points to Billings West on Saturday morning. It was a tipped ammunition out of the hands of the now-graduated Tyrel Rollins that stopped the Bison in the championship game after everything else season. But, as head coach Bobble Howard will tell you, that was then. Rollins, Drew Wyman and sharpshooter Levi Torgerson are all in academy now.

After my oldest cousin Laura brought her then boyfriend now husband to Christmas Eve dinner for the first age, we sat him down, gathered about the table and each wrote our yes or no vote down arrange paper to determine whether or not he was worthy of dating her. We put them all into a hat and read out the answers one by one — to his face. This has since become a Christmas tradition in our family, after that as such, has deterred me as of ever jumping the gun on introducing a significant other to my ancestor unless I'm absolutely sure he's appeal it. But even if your ancestor isn't as intense as mine, figuring out the right time to begin your love interest to your ancestor and friends is never easy. Accomplishment it too soon could be off-putting; doing it too late can accomplish the person you're with feel akin to you're not that serious about your relationship. Not doing it at all? That's what we call pocketing.

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