Lost in the couple: the danger of symbiotic relationships

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Bear in mind that time you fell in adoration and the rest of the earth just disappeared? Falling in love is a bit like losing yourself en route for somebody else. At the early stages of a relationship, very often we feel like we have gone a bit crazy. There is chemistry after falling in love and, although individuals experience it differently, it is shown that dopamine has a powerful bang on our brain and makes us feel like we are high arrange drugs. A very common pitfall designed for couples is living as if they are one, namely, living in symbiosis. Symbiosis is a synonym for body dependent on one another. This calm romance has one massive disadvantage though: the projection of parts of ourselves onto the other, together with dreaded feelings such as fear of denial, anger, frustration, rage, lack of assign, and resentment. What we are accomplishment is unconsciously bringing back to animation old patterns often experienced in our family when we were young. Patterns that we lived in our babyhood and that, sneakily, impact our relationships and their healthy development.

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