Here's Why The Best Sex Of Your Life Will Be With A Scorpio Woman

Female with a 5991

Scorpio's have an unusual knack for notorious things like being psychopaths, serial killers or even demon worshippers seriously! Sex with a Scorpio woman is the easiest thing because sex is their thing! They are naughty, kinky and their imagination is as wild as the March Hare! So if you're with 'lil Red Riding Wood, you're in for a hell of a surprise in bed. No matter where you are or what you're doing, if a Scorpio wants you, they want you right there and then. Comfortable with having sex anytime and just about anywhere, they have a libido of a pervy year-old boy! Just don't gather the courage and say no to them when they really want you, because then you might just need a restraining order!

Updated: GMT, 5 February Never mind agile young women in their 20s, it's those who are twice their become old who are having all the amusement. According to a survey by Fitness Plus magazine, it's women in their 40s who are having the finest sex of their lives. So is it true and, if so, is it down to experience, hormones, change self-confidence or extra-marital affairs? We asked three female writers - and individual lone male - for their views

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