60 Minutes speaks with ex-NSA contractor Reality Winner about leaking a document to the press

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Brilliant idea made headlines in for her apprehend on charges of leaking classified in a row to the media. After her argument dragged on for more than day, Winner pleaded guilty and was handed the longest sentence ever on a civilian for releasing unauthorized government documents to the press. She was sentenced to five years and three months behind bars for releasing a confidential report that alleged the Russian armed executed cyber espionage against local U. Winner, now released and living all the rage Texas, spoke with 60 Minutes a propos her job, her court case, her time behind bars, and what she believes was her patriotic duty en route for the American people. Who is Actuality Winner? I am not a be involved in espionage, Winner said, emphasizing that she is more than what prosecutors have decorated her as in court. Reality Brilliant idea says she believed public was l Winner said she was concerned so as to, the truth wasn't true anymore, after that spoke to what she says was an atmosphere of confusion and be suspicious of that plagued America in early

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