3. Humanity is at a precipice; its future is at stake

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Reduced uncertainty about the course of interest rates, as indicated by the low value of the MOVE index in Figure 3was likely also a factor. Quantitative easing increased the demand for longer-term government securities, thereby lowering the term premiums on them. Abrahams, Adrian, Crump, and Moench, in their research referenced above found that the term premiums on ten-year Treasury securities fell, cumulatively, by about 1. Changes in regulation and market practices also affect the demand for safe, liquid assets, such as Treasury securities, lowering their term premiums. For example, new regulations require banks to hold ample liquidity and securities dealers to post more collateral in derivatives transactions. Insurance companies and pension funds also face rules that effectively require them to hold significant amounts of safe, longer-term bonds.

They are gathered under broad, overarching ideas, rather than being tied to the specific themes highlighted above. Many of the answers touch on multiple aspects of the digital future and are not neatly boxed as addressing barely one part of the story. A few responses are lightly edited for adapt and readability. The cautious optimism expressed by many of the experts canvassed for this report grew out of a shared faith in humanity. A lot of described the current state of techlash as a catalyst that will advance to a more inclusive and alluring internet. In the next 50, in a row, communication and AI technology show all sign of being even more accordingly.

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