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To be fair, it's hard to come up with an original idea, but it can be even harder to make an original movie out of an unoriginal set-up. That's something important to keep in mind, since For a Good Time does spend its first 20 minutes or so slogging through the necessary evils of its exposition. Quirky Katie Ari Graynor, also an executive producer is about to lose her own apartment due to lack of funds and rent hikes. The pair ends up begrudgingly reconnecting through their mutual friend Jesse Justin Long and Lauren moves in.

The story follows the misadventures of Lauren, a rich and proper young female. Lauren loses her New York accommodation. A mutual homosexual friend enables her to move in with her aged nemesis, Katie. Lauren gets turned along for a job she needs. She discovers Katie secretly makes a allocation of money as a phone-sex hand. Lauren has some ideas on how to earn even more money all the rage this vile business. So, the two women team up.

Arrange the way to its climax, but, the film becomes a refreshing analyse of female friendship that avoids the formulaic rom-com pitfalls that could allow derailed it. The film is colorful and brassy, loud and unsubtle, although it is a clever change of pace. With two female leads, neither of whom is relegated to eccentric friend while the other becomes the romantic lead, and supporting male characters, the comedy feels fresh. It's not laugh out loud fun but it's a sweet movie about friendship after that orgasms.

After her self-absorbed boyfriend dumps her all the rage order to move to Italy, Lauren Powell Rogen finds herself in acute need of a new place en route for live. As it happens, local buzz sex worker Katie Steele Graynor is looking for a roommate in array to hold on to her accommodation, so she takes Lauren in. After that Lauren's boss suddenly retires and shuts down his firm, leaving her absent of a job. Upon discovering how much Katie makes, Lauren decides en route for help her overhaul her business, accordingly beginning a partnership that grows addicted to something more.

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