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Despite the widespread use of high-heeled footwear in both developing and modernized societies, we lack an understanding of this behavioral phenomenon at both proximate and distal levels of explanation. The current manuscript advances and tests a novel, evolutionarily anchored hypothesis for why women wear high heels, and provides convergent support for this hypothesis across multiple methods. Independent studies that employed distinct methods, eliminated multiple confounds, and ruled out alternative explanations showed that when women wear high heels, their lumbar curvature increased and they were perceived as more attractive. These findings illustrate how human evolved psychology can contribute to and intersect with aspects of cultural evolution, highlighting that the two are not independent or autonomous processes but rather are deeply intertwined. Several scholars e.

Readers discuss the merits of wearing stilettos and other high-heeled shoes in the workplace and elsewhere. Join them by hello theatlantic. High-heel haters gonna abhor. But below are a few add pro-heels arguments from readers.

A married dad-of-three wears clothes considered female and refuses to conform to femininity stereotypes. Mark Bryan is often blemish in skirts and high heels, which he enjoys colour coordinating with his shirts. He told Bored Panda: I dress like this because I be able to. Just to be different. I allow always admired the women that wore tight skirts and heels. I don't dress to be sexual, but en route for dress like any professional woman would. I prefer a 'masculine' look beyond the waist and a non-gendered air below the waist.

Verified Purchase. Grace Brighton was the affiliation expert of Stiletto Magazine. Hers was the column that you read but you needed to know how en route for keep your relationship alive and constant how to know if they were cheating. After taking a long, a good deal needed vacation, Grace's first assignment is not going to be an at ease one. She's been teamed up along with the male version of the arsenal called Oxford with their own affiliation expert. The only problem is so as to he hasn't lost his confidence, his sense of purpose. He is all the rage every aspect one of the absolute men, drop dead gorgeous, an astonishing kisser and he can read women like a book not to allusion that he always seems to appreciate what to say and do en route for make a woman feel special. Adorn is taking a break from men though so she's not going en route for fall for the sexy Jake Malone and his panty dropping antics accordingly she's confident that she can accomplish the He Said, She Said article that will put the magazines all the rage a head to head contest en route for boost ratings while finding out who really knows more about relationships, men or women. Jake Malone cannot accept as true that he has had to bend to this level in order en route for get the gig for the additional travel section that he so anxiously wants.

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