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Some things in life are better on repeat: Friendsperfectly sunny beach days, your trusty manicure. Your sexcapades, though? Definitely not one of them. Even the hottest spark in the bedroom needs new sex positions to stoke the flames from time to time—otherwise things get boring, fast. In short, your brain craves newness, and especially for women, your brain is very involved in your excitement and satisfaction. Exploration between the sheets amps up emotional intimacy and encourages partners to take risks and grow together. New sex positions will encourage you both to be more vulnerable with one another in—and outside of —the bedroom. In some cases, switching up positions might even be a must. There are SO many possibilities out there that your imagination might not have even thought up yet.

Let's not sugarcoat it: ing can be an incredibly vulnerable, awkward, and allude to sex position. Still, some sexperts about the oral sex position perks are too often overlooked. It's totally common. Undeniably H-O-T. Many folks with vulvas have a hard time relaxing after receiving oral sex, adds Lisa Finn, a sex educator at sex doll emporium Babeland. So, 69ing can be a great way to take bad some of the pressure so so as to you can and finally melt addicted to the pleasure of oral play. Absence more intel on the 69 femininity position? Below, three top-notch sex educators explain what the 69 position actually is, how to make it advance, and how to do it all right. Can't see it?

Ah, the good ol' Whether it's a staple in your repertoire or a bite you tried once and got overwhelmed by, this detailed guide to 69ing has something to help you accompany it in a new light. Announce on for why the 69 arrange could be good for you, how to mix it up, and a few tips and tricks to optimize amusement for everyone involved. The 69 arrange is an oral sex position anywhere two partners are giving each erstwhile oral sex simultaneously. It gets the name because, when two people are engaged in it, their joined bodies appear to be curved together akin to the numbers 6 and 9 after that to each other. The term comes originally from the French soixante-neuf accurately sixty-nine and has been in abuse for a few hundred years. En route for get into the classic 69 arrange, one partner lies flat on their back. The second partner then climbs on top of them with their head facing their partner's feet. They then align their mouth with their partner's genitals while also making absolutely to align their own genitals along with their partner's mouth.

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