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To set things straight and get you in the know about this almost always misused, misunderstood, and overly gendered concept, we reached out to Amy Rollo, triple licensed psychotherapist and owner of Heights Family Counseling in Houston, Texas. This could explain why many experts have an issue with the term, including Rollo. This is a term he coined to describe a person who has unconscious impulses and associations as a result of a poor relationship with their father. From that theory came the Oedipus complexthe theory that children have a subconscious attraction to their opposite sex parent. Oedipus complex refers specifically to boys. Electra complex is used to describe the same theory as applied to girls and their fathers. Are there different kinds? The attachment patterns formed during childhood can affect your attachment styles in your adult relationships.

Daddy A daddy is the kind be in charge of worthy of a beautiful, strong able womans love and loyal devotion. His loving is unconditional and selfless apart from that he is greedy for her affection the way nature intended a man to love a woman. He kisses skinned knees better with accommodating words and nurses your colds along with laughter. A daddy satisfies your sexual and emotional needs. A daddy tells you nice things when your cheerless and makes you feel beautiful after that special when your lonely.

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