Should You Be Working Out with Your S.O.?

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There's always going to be a couple on your feed that fills each other's comment section with embarrassingly over-the-top proclamations of love. Everyone gets it — you're hot for each other. There's a fine line between flirtatious and nauseating, friends. When complimenting your partner on social media, you probably want to keep any talk that would be better reserved for your next dinner date or your bedroom away from prying eyes. Think of it this way: Would you constantly remind your SO how much you love them and love whatever is beneath their clothes in front of your friends and family?

Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe all the rage. Why trust us? Feb 13, Getty Images That feeling when you attend to yourself using the same agitated air with your romantic partner that you used with your little brother at the same time as a kid. Or when a week goes by and you realize your only physical contact has been the kind of sanitary pecks you altercation with your in-laws. We're calling it familialization—the phenomenon of significant others early to see themselves as relatives considerably than as a couple—and it's individual of the biggest problems that femininity and relationships counselors encounter in their practices, says therapist Ian Kerner, Ph. Even Pink recently revealed that she and her husband had not had sex in a year.

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