No-drama Project Management: Is it possible?

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Process drama does not use any of these familiar theater devices. Process is the purpose. So there is no written script. For example, fifth-grade teacher Brenda Rosler used process drama in her social studies curriculum, bringing the Boston Tea Party to life in her classroom. Students took on roles as the King of England, colonists, and British soldiers. No lines were memorized; no scenery constructed; only a group of students and their teacher imagined what it was like to be in Boston inand how to deal with the dramatic events of taxation and rebellion. Process versus improv.

All the rage hindsight, life is like an all together of a series of episodes of a drama with some episodes ample of comedy and other full of climax. The often-reported ups and downs, twists and turns, excitements and dejections, good and bad, successes and failures make some people feel that conceivably project management is a full-scale comedy production. For the sake of budding an understanding, we define no-drama assignment management as being the state of consistency and stability in predicting events, and developing capabilities dynamically during assignment delivery to deal with those events as they unfold. The question is, why project management is so action-packed process, often associated with a chain of unexpected circumstances, issues, problems after that risks? Can there be a no-drama project management? Intuitively, it seems so as to a prefect no-drama project management affirm is highly unlikely if not awkward. This is because, dramas are not just triggered by events alone. The dependencies among the events could be complex enough to make events arbitrary with the human and computing ability of project environments. In such circumstances, even if the events are predicted, the dependencies among the events could result in emergence of circumstances afar control of project teams degenerating addicted to occurrence of a state of comedy.

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