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A handful of those women reached out as witnesses, but almost all of them said they had personally experienced harassment from Ailes — who has denied all allegations so far. Some have used their real names, and others have shared their stories with reporters anonymously. Her lawsuit against Ailes opened the floodgates for other women to come forward. Kelly has also reportedly encouraged at least one colleague to testify against Ailes. Kelly's allegations appear to have been the last straw that forced Ailes out: Rupert Murdoch and his sons James and Lachlan, the top three executives at 21st Century Fox, reportedly think Kelly is the future of the network and is too valuable to lose. Laurie Luhn, former Fox News booker In July, Luhn told Gabriel Sherman of New York magazine that Ailes psychologically tortured her for 20 years after she accepted his quid pro quo offer: career opportunities in exchange for sexual favors. Luhn says that in Ailes, who was a media consultant at the time, hired her on retainer to do research — and to be available to meet Ailes when he was in Washington. Luhn said she would meet Ailes at hotels, where she had to dress up, dance, and kneel in front of him while he psychologically dominated her and had her perform oral sex on him. Luhn said Ailes also made her perform sadomasochistic sex on other women.

Add some imaginative and goofy play addicted to your lovemaking routine by following these tips from real North Shore women — all of whom have sworn me to secrecy about their identities. Many couples only feel truly abandoned in a hotel room or after their kids are out of the house, but the truth is, fully developed play dates are easiest to agenda at home in the evening. Accordingly before the games begin, make absolutely you have a decent lock arrange your bedroom door so you be able to get silly without worrying about interruptions. Go on the Prowl Make a regular date night extra exciting as a result of letting your inner bad girl administer the show. Get a bikini buff and a manicure in a absorbed, vampy shade.

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