How to survive your first winter in Yellowknife

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Like any great city, Yellowknife is home to festivals and cultural events. The Folk on the Rocks Festival showcases musical talent from across the Northern Hemisphere on six stages, and is one of the biggest parties of the summer. In the late s, droves of gold-seeking prospectors flooded this lakefront area and many of the buildings they built still dot the landscape, from a wood stove shop to old log cabins. This self-guided tour brings you around dozens of galleries, public displays of art, murals, and sculptures through the town. Pop over for a jog or walk at Frame Lake, right in the heart of the city. A five-kilometre trail of the same name circles the lake and is a popular recreational route. You can also stop in at for a picnic in between seeing the sights, or rent a canoe or kayak for some fun in the water.

It was almost hard to believe you were in the sub-arctic, but at once reality is sinking in. It is October and it is getting cooler and snow is threatening to accident. While the rest of Canada allay enjoys warm days and crisp evenings, you can feel old man chill creeping in. And this is accurately what we are going to aim to explain in this post. Attire — Dress for the weather — Dress in layers As much at the same time as you may not want to, you will, at some point, need en route for venture outside. Maybe to get en route for work, school or to restock arrange chunky soup at the Grocery Stores. You need to cover your casing and the important parts of your body. The winter weather in Yellowknife is drier than most southern places; there is less moisture in the air, which means when you capacity not feel the cold but you can still get frostbite. The a good number important thing to do is camouflage up as much skin as achievable.

A few of those heritage log buildings remain in Old Town Yellowknife, which hints at the ramshackle frenzy of the s. The area is a popular place to explore with a mix of galleries, restaurants, and assort shops. Be sure to walk along Ragged Ass Road and climb en route for the top of the Rock designed for views from the town's highest advantage. In the summer, Great Slave Lagoon is a hot spot of altogether kinds of fun things to accomplish.

Go Nestled deep in Canada's sub-arctic Northwest Territories, you'll find a place called Yellowknife. It's only km south of the Arctic Circle, so has an average temperature of 0 degrees, along with most days dipping way below nil. While First Nations people have colonize the lands around Yellowknife for centuries, the town itself was only actually established in the s following the discovery of gold along Yellowknife Alcove. A mini metropolis has sprung ahead around this still-active industry, where bright houseboats bob in the bay after that snowbooted-locals shuffle along snow-fringed streets. Accordingly, you might be thinking, what would bring tourists to a tiny city in the North where your eyelashes freeze, half of the roads are frozen lakes, and you can't abandon the house without long johns? Phil and I have just returned as of a week's stay with Days Bar to explore exactly what it is that Yellowknife has to offer. Announce on for why I reckon it should make your winter hitlist.

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