Is Men’s Hosiery the Future of Gender-Fluid Fashion?

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High heels High heels are a classic, they have never gone out of style and they probably never will. They were initially invented for men as far back as the 10th century, but just like we women do, we took them and made them classier. Oversized shirts Guys go crazy seeing their women wear oversized shirts especially if it's theirs. It's a boost to their ego and makes them believe that you feel secure and comfortable around them. To men, these are some of the most attractive things in a woman. Plus, who are we kidding, they show off your lovely legs. Yoga pants Some guys like to act as if yoga pants are a nuisance to them and society. Lace pieces Lace clothes are soft and feminine and because most lingerie pieces are made from lace materials.

Your hips and breast protrude more, after that your poise is top-notch. This is why wearing heels is an direct method to appear attractive to your partner. Heels can go with about every attire put on, which is a plus advantage irrespective of your style choice. Though many people avert putting on heels because they believe it uncomfortable, there are many brands selling comfort with their shoes, which can be your go-to option but you really want to appear angry to men. Red works wonders Men love red!

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