A close read of Promising Young Woman’s brilliant divisive ending

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Able-bodied, the long run is here! Beneath, women in their 50s and older share their skin and beauty acumen. Learned that the hard way! Individual case study last year found so as to 25 years of inadequate mascara abstraction can lead to major irritation.

You might hate it. You might be indifferent to it. But one affair seems almost certain: You will allow strong feelings about its ending. Mulligan plays Cassie, whose best friend, Nina, was raped when the two were in medical school. Though Nina reported the rape and though there was video evidence, no one at the school took her claims seriously after that punished the perpetrators. Now, Cassie characteristically avenges Nina by going to bars and pretending to be drunk. As anticipate, a man takes her home, after that inevitably, he tries to sleep along with her without her clear consent.

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