Mustang sbc swap

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Maybe it isn't such a gay idea lol. This setup can generate some heat in the iron block and heads. If your car has the original Mustang 4 speed transmissionyou can either opt for a later Z-bar clutch linkage, or convert to a cable operated system. Coyote Pedal Adapter. You get the AOD to early Mustang crossmember, Lokar throttle valve cable, correct speedometer driven gear, correct flywheel, dip stick, shift lever kit, carburetor adapter for Holley or Edelbrock, transmission mount, block plate, inspection plate and four torque converter nuts. Fortunately Moroso covers a wide range of Mustang oil pans that can make these swaps easier. Join the LS1tech forums today! Speed parts are plentiful and several companies, like Hooker make bolt-in engine swap headers for the Mustang fastback, that fit so that you don't have any cutting to do.

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