A Beginner’s Guide to Sexual Submission

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If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. But IRL, sexual submission is far more consensual, collaborative, fun, and sexy. Wait, is being submissive the same thing as being a bottom? Think: the partner on their back during missionary. A person may also identify as a bottom to not only describe their sexual preference, usually one who receives penetration, but to indicate their social role and sexual identity. Moments A partner pins your arms behind your back during doggy. Or pulls your hair during missionary.

These results also reveal that more men than women are attracted to the idea of having someone be sexually submissive to them. What is absent about the mainstream depictions of BDSM is variety. A lot of artistic dialogue around the subject, including conventional media sources, have imposed a heterosexual idea that reinforces existing gender binaries, where the man is the ascendant partner and the woman the acquiescent. It ignores the experiences of sexually submissive men and dominant women, arguably because they flout social customs. We live in a sexist patriarchal background that promotes and profits off the physical and emotional submission of women.

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