Sexual Pleasure and Condom Use

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Given the primary role of consistent condom use in the prevention of HIV and other STIs among this population, directing interventions to more closely target important gender-specific condom attitude and skill differences is a critical endeavor. Differences between men and women in sexual risk behavior In this study, women and men did not differ greatly in the degree to which they reported engaging in sexual risk behavior. Women were less likely than men to have used a condom with a main sexual partner, but women and men did not differ in the types of partners they reported or in the degree to which they used condoms with casual partners. Overall, these findings suggest slightly more risk for women by virtue of being somewhat more likely to be sexually active and, similar to the Brooks et al. Our finding of no gender effect in having casual partners differs from the Absalon et al.

Donor Information. Corresponding author. Present Address: M. Randolph, St. Lauderdale St. Both women and men rated unprotected vaginal association as more pleasurable than protected vaginal intercourse.

This variable - condom negotiation - was measured using a single question, akin to Urada and colleagues [ 34 ] in their study of condom negotiation among female sex workers. We are however aware of other studies in which this variable was calculated using a series of questions [ 35 ]. This was dictated as a result of the fact that the two categories - a and d - had fewer responses compared to b after that c, a situation which would allow compromised the efficiency of our algebraic tests if each category was treated individually. Other explanatory variables were built-in as potential confounders. These were socio-demographic variables namely, age, religion, marital category, education attainment, household wealth status, after that district of residence. We also built-in number of sexual partners a female had in the past 12 months, and knowledge of whether people be able to reduce their chances of contracting the HIV by using a condom all time they have sex. A complete description of these variables is presented in Table 1. Household wealth category was constructed using Principal Component Assay PCA of household asset ownership of a toilet, type of the toilet and source of drinking water. Alas, other household assets such as abode roofing material, wall material, floor background etc.

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