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Yeah I was laughin' cause you met, ha Tell me where he by now? Where he at? Somewhere all the rage the trap now Wonder why he trap now [Pre-Hook] You was a rich bitch, probably need a abound nigga too And if you assume about me, I'm 'bout to assume about you Me and you applaud for my Lamborghini flexin' Workin' all the rage the East but you know we in the West End Name a different nigga hustle hard like me Along with a heart like me Just a young nigga with the time akin to me You should shine like me Run that nigga, you don't absence that nigga But I need a bad bitch that's hotter than me You can hardly admit [Hook] I'm still tryna fuck, with you Child I wanna fuck with you along with you Yeah yeah I'm tryna fuck you, girl, I'm tryna fuck along with you Tryna fuck you girl, I'm tryna fuck with you I wanna fuck you girl, you know I fuck with you I wanna fuck you girl, let me roll along with you Girl I wanna fuck along with you [Bridge] [Verse 2] Go ahead of time, go ahead, go and ask Billie Jean who's the one? Let the truth be told, I don't accept as true you know what I want Child if it's a plan you akin to, I know the bands you akin to Know the strands you like, appreciate the brands you like What benevolent of man you like? East Authority 2. SLS 3. Sex On the Beach 4. Her Way 5.

Basically debuting via this album, [2] Interfere also raps this song's hookwhich reduces bitches to performing fellatio[13] and which fellow guest rapper Daz 's blank verse heralds as the anthem. A bandmate Eazy-E as a bitch, [15] who allegedly cheated Dre of money, after that to incidentally call N. A's administrator Jerry Hellerallegedly complicit, a white bitch. In an era when popular songs still idealized women, [23] this chant appalled many. Delores Tucker largely beleaguered this song, album, and record brand. A, into an urban socialite, aggressive violence only to guard his accept lifestyle of leisure and indulgence.

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