Dating in Berlin: Why You Shouldn’t Date German Men

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There is only one country whose men and only men I try to avoid: Germany. What have German men ever done to deserve this? I wish I was making this up. Have you ever tried to talk dirty with a German?

Acquaint with her that any guy who has her is lucky. She is not getting enough attention from him after that you are providing the same. Although he said they are just friends. I know it might be dumb but I really like her, after that she claims to really like me. We call a lot and she often says how she doesnt akin to her boyfriend at all and I've never once asked her to abandon him or even insinuated it, although should I tell her to abandon him? Personally I would not about something like would your boyfriend attend to us talking, you are basically asking for permission to talk to her, which is a big no-no. But your boyfriend has a lot of his ex's stuff, though, this could be a major red flag.

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