50 Funny Sex Stories That'll Make You LOL

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There are people who lament that no women now are as funny as Carole Lombard or Barbara Stanwyck in the screwball comedies of Lubitsch, Sturges, and Hawks. Tina Fey, for instance. The former head writer of Saturday Night Live, who wrote the film Mean Girls before creating the sitcom 30 Rock, is one of the leading voices in a new generation of comediennes—women who not only play comic roles but also perform stand-up and write and direct comedy. Lombard and Stanwyck were great comic actresses on-screen, but they had about as much to do with the joke writing as Jennifer Aniston or Courtney Cox did on Friends.

A bite is funny when someone laughs before romantic when their heart swells, designed for better or for worse, and we have no right to say why one of these should top a different. Comedy is subjective, but so is romance. People keep a special area in their hearts for romantic comedies. They talk about them differently than other movies, and they like en route for talk about them a lot.

The great thing about sex besides the orgasmsof course is that if you make a mistake or something bulky happens, you can always laugh a propos it later. Have you ever agreed a blow job in an Uber and lost your nose ring? Can you repeat that? about doing it in a J. Crew bathroom while the clothing assistant was right outside?

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