Senior female officer wants ‘zero tolerance’ on sexist police banter

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Polaris, a Washington, D. Polaris wants to enlist the public in demanding tougher civil laws and heightened enforcement at massage establishments. The report recommends treating IMBs like organized crime operations, with investigations scrutinizing business records for evidence of money laundering or tax evasion. Polaris describes the illicit massage industry as having conditions ripe for labor exploitationsuch as tip-sharing with management and on-call scheduling. Though these conditions are not at all exclusive to the massage business, the group argues that workers in these establishments are particularly vulnerable. Polaris also recognizes there are serious barriers for people who may be trafficked in massage establishments to get the help they need, such as a lack of housing, health care or legal services. And for Chinese and Korean immigrant women, the potential consequences of law enforcement contact are grave, ranging from loss of massage license to arrestdeportationand even loss of life. Rochelle Keyhan, Director of disruption strategies, Polaris.

A woman tried to stab a Hartford detective this week, police say, all the rage the second such attack on a Hartford officer in two months. Close watch video shows a woman police ascertain as Sheila Calderon walking, then administration, toward three officers talking on Taylor Drive Tuesday. With an outstretched appendage and a large knife in her hand, she tried to stab the detective in the head and collar, police said. The detective was a fraction of a second away as of being stabbed when he was adept to get out of the approach while flinging the woman to the ground. She was injured — at the same time as was he — but the injuries were minor, police said. Calderon, 40, who lives on the street, was charged with criminal attempt to assign murder, criminal attempt to commit first-degree assault and criminal attempt to assign assault on a police officer. The near-stabbing happened shortly before p.

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