Sex Education season 4: Release date rumours plot cast and news

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Casting is currently underway for season 4 which is expected to begin production soon. The raunchy and rambunctious comedy has never failed to disappoint, and season on the season it only appears to get stronger thanks to genuine character growth, a great story, and the care and attention it takes to address sex and relationships of all different shapes and sizes. The show first debuted on Netflix back in January with season 3 arriving on September 17th, Has Sex Education been renewed for a fourth season?

All item on this page was elect by an ELLE editor. We can earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. As a result of the end of the eight episodes, we have just as many questions as answers to how these burgeoning relationships will play out—but we accomplish have one thing: Otis and Maeve have finally revealed their true feelings for each other. Pull out the rose petals and champagne! Well, accommodate up a moment. Problem is, Maeve is USA-bound for a once-in-a-lifetime analyse abroad opportunity, which leaves the adolescent lovebirds winging it from separate corners of an ocean. Otis makes it clear that, when Maeve returns, he'll be waiting. But he's a adolescent, and teens have never been above all good at keeping promises.

Although then a certain pandemic struck after that knocked its usual schedule off avenue, hence season three's September premiere. Netflix COVID protocols on set made assassination a slow and painful process architect Laurie Nunn told the Evening Accepted , adding: Everybody [on set] actually had to dig quite deep — there were a lot of emotions swirling around. Good things come en route for those who wait and all so as to. Sex Education season 4 cast: Who's in it?

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