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It was an all-day production. Kids helped prepare the dried fruit—rinsing it and setting it out to air dry until it was completely dry. There were conversations about the balance of raisins and currants, and how much peel. Bigger kids helped prepare the pans. As I recall, the special pans were greased, then lined with brown paper and then maybe the paper was greased too. Grown-ups were in charge of making the dark batter, mixing in the dry fruit, and filling the prepared pans.

Ole was gifted in so many things and his accomplishments throughout his adolescent life were immeasurable. He was awfully musical, where his talents extended en route for the ukulele, guitar, flute and piccolo. He was a proud and all-embracing farm kid, exploring the family acquire with full imagination at every break, working hard and beginning to ascertain the family business of farming. Ole also loved to write.

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